4 Israeli Hostages Rescued

6 days ago Israel says it rescued four hostages who were kidnapped in the Hamas-led attack on Oct. 7. It's the largest such recovery operation since the war began. The Gazan Health Minister claims At least 55 Palestinians including children were killed. One of the rescued hostages 25 Year old Noa Argamani, had been one of the most widely recognized hostages after being abducted from a music festival in southern Israel. The video of her abduction was among the first to surface, with Argamani detained between two men on a motorcycle as she screamed, “Don’t kill me!”

President Joe Biden will continue his State visit to France this weekend in Paris. Biden and French President Macron aim to show off their partnership on global security issues and move past trade tensions. The state visit began Saturday with a welcome ceremony and a military parade after which they will hold official meetings and deliver public statements. Later, Macron will host a dinner for Biden and his wife, Jill. Both leaders this week have used D-Day 80th anniversary events in France to urge support for Ukraine.