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Bob Menendez Bribery + Is Trump Still Pro-Life? + AMA | LIVE 9.22.23
The Border Crisis We Need? + U.S. Women in Decline + Roseanne's Revival | Brown, MTG, Roseanne Barr
The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE - 09.20.23
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The ADL Against America + Ken Paxton's Vindication? + Ivermectin's Court Win | O'Shea, Dr. Kory
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Don't Tread On Us + California's Groomer Republic + Dowd on Maui | Jaiden Rodriguez, Hibbs, Dowd
The New Hampshire Victory Lap + Shokin Shoots Back + Sacks On Vivek | Solomon, Tatum, Sacks, Dowd
The New Hampshire Backup Plan + Saving Your Child from Trans + Stopping Lockdown 2.0 | Ager, Tinsley
Trump the Martyr, Trump the Icon + AMA | Don Jr., Habba, Moore | LIVE 8.25.23