Dennis and Julie: Blood and Water

Dennis and Julie introduce Mr. Tubbz (new English Bulldog) to the Prager family, and it spurs an in-depth discussion about moving on too quickly after a loss. How soon is too soon for moving on after the death of a pet or a spouse… remarriage after a divorce? Does replacement help with the grieving process? They explore the intricacies of relationships between parents and children, topics include: step-parents, titles, bonds, adoption, biological, surrogate; shared values matter most. Divorce isn’t the issue… it’s how the parents treat the situation after the fact that matter. Kids can handle divorce… they can’t handle the fighting, or the poisoning of the other parent’s character. Are children of divorce more mature? Other topics include: being mind-centered versus emotional; like versus love; a listener email about elephants; Dennis recalls riding an Indian elephant.

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