Dennis and Julie: Great People

Dennis and Julie delve into knowing great people and what it takes to be one. Julie reads an intelligent letter from 12-year-old viewer Elizabeth. One of Dennis’ missions in life is to bring good people together. Dennis explains his “love is not a pie” theory. God created coincidence. Dennis’ radio show audience is full of great intelligent listeners. The institution of the book is a great gift to humanity. They review the Ask a Jew, Ask a Gentile event in Los Angeles and meeting Eric Metaxas. Topics include: James 2:14-26 NKJV “Faith Without Works Is Dead”; D+J BINGO; keeping the sabbath holy for Christians; evil is hatred of God; is Leftism an inversion of Judeo-Christian values; should everyone aspire to be great; the famous are rarely significant, and the significant are rarely famous; Larry Elder running for President; do you know anyone in your life that is a great person; why women make better surgeons.

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