Dennis and Julie: RIP Otto

Dennis and Sue’s beloved Otto died, and while Dennis laments society equating animals and humans… he reflects on this palpable loss. The experience made Dennis realize that people choose pain to live a fuller life. Thinking about one’s own death… helps one to live a fuller life. Inspired by G.K. Chesterton, Julie shares the significance of stories, fairy tales, and mythology… how they shape countries and individuals, and that sharing them helps to pass on values and teach connections with the past. We live in a society where unpleasant facts are not to be acknowledged. Topics include: the ear is deeper than the eye; the story of The Four Sons; Kamala Harris now believes in “climate anxiety”; Americans …we have manufactured all our problems; confrontation …how far do you go in private life exposing your values? As a public figure should you be private about your dating life; in what area of life do you strive to be excellent; For Goodness Sake – do people care about being a good person; dating dress codes; healthy honesty in the sexual realm.

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