At This Hour Update

4 weeks ago Donald Trump’s lawyers have sought to portray the star prosecution witness in his hush money trial as a serial Liar who is bent on seeing the presumptive Republican presidential nominee behind bars. During hours of cross-examination, TRUMP’S defense attorney pressed Michael Cohen for hours with questions that focused as much on his misdeeds as on the case’s specific allegations. In particular, Trump’s attorneys say Cohen is lying about talking on the phone with Trump about the pay-off of Stormy Daniels. They point out that Cohen’s text messages from the time he claimed to talk to Trump, had nothing to do with the pay-off. Trump has denied any wrongdoing. Cohen has previously pleaded guilty to lying to Congress.
Two House committees have moved ahead with contempt charges against Attorney General Merrick Garland for refusing to turn over audio from President Joe Biden’s interview with a special counsel. But the timing of any action by the full House and the willingness of the U.S. attorney’s office to act on the referral, remain uncertain. A transcript of the interview shows Biden struggling to recall dates and details.