Congress Renews Warrantless Surveillance on Americans

5 weeks ago The Senate has voted to reauthorize a key U.S. surveillance law after divisions over whether the FBI should be restricted from using the program to search for Americans’ data nearly forced the statute to lapse. The legislation approved 60-34 with bipartisan support shortly after midnight Saturday would extend for two years the program known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It now goes to President Joe Biden’s desk to become law. U.S. officials have said the surveillance tool is crucial in disrupting terror attacks. But concerns over Americans' civil liberties almost blocked its reauthorization.

Protester Dies After Setting Self on Fire
A man who set himself on fire outside the courthouse where former President Donald Trump is on trial has died. The New York City Police Department said the man was declared dead this morning by staff at an area hospital. Officials and witnesses say on Friday, the man took out pamphlets Claiming both Trump and Biden were part of a Fascist takeover of the US, then doused himself in an accelerant and set himself on fire. Some officers and bystanders rushed to the aid of the man and got him to the hospital where he died hours ago.