Dennis and Julie: Barefoot and Pregnant

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45 weeks ago Dennis shares his thoughts on finding a girlfriend when he was growing up …men thought they had to earn a woman. Women are the gatekeepers of relationships… if they demand more respect from men, men will be more respectful. Men want to earn admiration and women want to admire the men they love. You must fight your nature. Julie provides a parallel between using social media and dating… compromising your nature to please the opposite sex. The more intelligent one is… the more easily brainwashed they can be. What is the importance of women taking a man’s last name. Every Leftist is a child… they want to live in a fantasy world and avoid the uncomfortable. If you want to know male nature …go to the gay community. Knowing the truth is good… not to be avoided. Leftists believe it is acceptable to lie for the greater good. Are men or women better at writing? Why are the top chefs overwhelmingly men? What are women better at than men?

Music: Straight to the Point c 2022
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