Dennis and Julie: Believe What You Say

Dennis and Julie Weekends at 3PM ET
60 weeks ago Julie and Dennis explore maintaining integrity. Meeting great people through being a public figure with conservative values has been a blessing in Dennis’ life. They address a NYT’s article, Private Dinner Party - Clothing Not Allowed: The Füde Dinner Experience gathers those who want to meet, eat and drink - only after leaving their clothes at the door. Self-love …what is it? Unconditional love… is fine for an infant, but not much else. Media reporting has changed over the years, more pictures, less words… more opinion, less facts. Was John Hersey the father of this new emotional appeal style of reporting? Women have a proclivity towards bisexuality and men have a proclivity for polygamy. A fellow student at Harvard once told Julie, while bragging about cheating… “life is a game… you win or you lose, and everyone is playing dirty, so you better do whatever you can to win.” Is expressing morality perceived as a sign of weakness today’s woke society? Do you believe what you say… or do you simply say things to fit an agenda or to garner attention? CA Gov. Gavin Newsom mandated some of the strictest mask laws in the country, meanwhile attending a dinner at the French Laundry maskless. For Dennis… “there is no sum of money that could get me to lie!” How can one be genuinely proud of one’s accomplishments if one doesn’t achieve them through one’s own merit? For Julie… “in today’s society one’s impulses are condoned, not controlled!” Are dignity, modesty, and humility dead?