Dennis and Julie: Hate Speech IS Free Speech

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52 weeks ago Music is an argument for God’s existence. Science doesn’t explain how we got from inorganic to organic. What is a dybbuk? Dennis shares an exchange he had with Jordan Peterson and discusses the importance of role models versus affection. Everything in life is a choice… you decide how you react to your parenting. Does representation matter? Fight yourself or fight America. Dennis talks about his address to the Arizona legislature regarding the protest of his appearance at A.S.U. Freedom of speech is the greatest reason for America’s exceptionalism. The Left versus Right divide could destroy the country. Mutually assured destruction is inevitable… political persecution is rampant… until this is recognized by both sides the infighting will not end. Will the United States of America survive? Would a national divorce work?

Link to: Dennis Prager Testifies at Arizona State Legislature on ASU Censorship:

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