Dennis and Julie: Life is a Dinner

Dennis and Julie Weekends at 3PM ET
11 weeks ago Dennis and Julie discuss compartmentalizing. Some topics are holiday dinner wreckers: politics, religion, and family issues. Manners certainly matter… some people just cannot read the room or control themselves. There are two types of unhappy people, and unhappy people who want others to be unhappy – narcissism. How rare a commodity is self-awareness? Take for instance the slow driver is the fast lane… why… are they oblivious or is it on purpose. If people saw their bad behavior on video, would they change it? Are the days of Norman Rockwell painting holiday dinners gone? We have macro-ized feelings. Discomfort in life is a feature not a bug. One of the great ambitions one can have… is to be easy in other people’s lives. What is the relationship between feeling underappreciated and wreaking havoc. Some people need control and some desire to control others. For Dennis it comes down to feelings versus behavior. People don’t control themselves… because they don’t want to control themselves.

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