Dennis and Julie: Obtuse Americans

Dennis and Julie Weekends at 3PM ET
44 weeks ago People who suffer… ask “why me?..” Dennis asks, “why me,” when it comes to his blessings. The Taliban are outlawing women’s beauty salons in Afghanistan. It is important to have gratitude for things that are overlooked. Is there any gratitude on the Left? As Americans, we are ignorant to the way the rest of the world lives. Dennis recalls his visit as a delegate to the World Youth Assembly. Americans who are upset about racism, sexism, and homophobia do not hold other countries, where these issues exist, to any account. Dennis recalls learning who Hitler was in 7th grade. If we weaken civilization, we will fall… the Left is weakening American society. When it comes to truths about the Holocaust… it’s only been 78 years …and we have lost the lessons that should never be forgotten. Americans don’t know key parts of history… like what does Nazi stand for? What has happened to education in America? Julie has takeaways from Eric Larson’s “In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin.” Julie asks Dennis what troubled him 30 years ago… the cold war and moral relativism. If you don’t work on being good, you’ll be bad… bad is the default. We should celebrate the differences between men and women… it’s a beautiful thing! Good people have bad thoughts… it’s behavior that matters.

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