Dennis and Julie: Spiritual Disneyland

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50 weeks ago Dennis and Julie ask… is doing the podcast work …or fun? or both? Dennis has a test to see if you’re really a transwoman. CA bill aimed at protecting LGBTQ+ youth compelling parents to affirm their child's gender identity or face consequences. Julie predicts that there will be there will be a reckoning for all of this gender confusion. What is best for an individual versus what is best for society? We should be doing things that benefit society for future generations …we have lost gratitude for past generations. One solution may be acknowledgement of goodness when you witness it. Dennis recalls the Hebrew phrase mitzvah goreret mitzvah, averah goreret averah, "one good deed will bring another good deed, one transgression will bring another transgression." Julie shares some quotes from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte that make the case for religion, and the fundamental differences between Leftism and conservatism. In the United States we are amusing ourselves to death… we are now consumers of amusement, not producers of amusement. We are lost in escapism and pacifying ourselves. Dennis reiterates that clothing matters… you can’t show up to a date looking like a peasant. What is a Kulak?

Music: Straight to the Point c 2022
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