Dennis and Julie: Struggle with God

Dennis and Julie Weekends at 3PM ET
53 weeks ago Secularism is the norm… are you religious? Honoring Judeo-Christian values is disappearing. The repercussions of cut flower ethics are apparent. What has happened to the uniforms of religion? People are wearing crosses or the star of David… but is it religious or as a good luck talisman? Does wearing a cross provide protection? Does practicing religion protect you from calamity? Should experiencing tragedy in life cause you to lose faith? Dennis explains why reason is his vehicle to religion. Free will is a blessing… but it also has a downside. Everyone should strengthen their theology BEFORE tragedy happens. Dennis and Julie explore God watching versus God willing. Did God create evil? Dennis says, “it doesn’t matter if God knows what I will do… what matters is that God knows what I do and did.” For Dennis… sanity relies upon there being a hereafter that rewards good and punishes evil. "God does not want us to understand, because if we ever understood, we would be forced to accept that bad things happen to good people, and God does not want us to accept those bad things. He wants us not to understand, so that we will fight against the bad and the injustices of this world, and that is why there is no answer to that question. God has arranged that we shall never have an answer to it." – Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

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