Dennis and Julie: The Middle East Problem

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40 weeks ago Dennis and Julie were deeply troubled by the developments between Israel and Hamas. The number of Israelis killed in the Hamas attack is the largest since the Nazis in the Holocaust. Dennis and Julie are baffled by groups that blame Israel for the conflict. The American Jew is disappearing. Israel is the canary in the world’s coal mine. We should be the most enlightened people to ever live… given our resources and technology …and yet we may be the least enlightened. Wisdom and knowledge are not related. America must be strong… or the rest of the world is in danger. Is Biden to blame? The existence of evil is tough enough, but the moral confusion about it is only making things more difficult. You should never be a sheep. The silver lining of the horrific attack is …there were 9-11 conservatives …there may be 10-7 Zionists. Morally we are all two people – micro and macro.

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