Dennis and Julie: The United States of A-MERIT-A

Dennis and Julie Weekends at 3PM ET
42 weeks ago Dennis and Julie explore what the incentive to work hard in America is? People are afraid to share opinions for fear of being cancelled or publicly humiliated. Dennis shares part of his upcoming Rational Bible: Numbers …choosing people based on merit. A society does not move forward without rewarding merit. Can you define the Left… what does the Left stand for… no… what do they stand against? Topics include: the divinity of the Torah; civilization versus anti-civilization; takeaways from Dennis’ trip; hope, change, and fundamental transformation; modern art; forms of theft… one’s time and one’s thought; in person is inherently better than video; does being authentic come naturally ..or do you have to work at it… publicly or in real life; The amount of technology/major events one can live through in the span of their life; conspiracy theories; the JFK assassination; Who Prospers: How Cultural Values Shape Economic And Political Success by Lawrence E Harrison.