Dennis and Julie: Tragedy Happens

Dennis and Julie Weekends at 3PM ET
24 weeks ago Dennis postulates that much of life’s pain comes from surprise… that’s why it’s so important to have a realistic view of the world. People tend to think they are immune from things that happen to “the other guy,” but you are “the other guy.” Dennis recalls a speech at a London synagogue where he realized most people believe that being a good religious person provides some level of protection from bad things happening to you. What happened in Israel strengthens Dennis’ faith. What are the origins of radical Islamic violence? Julie reacts to the students at Harvard protesting Israel and the Candace Owens - Megyn Kelly feud. For Dennis being young does not excuse your ignorance… you are what you do. Cancel culture is detrimental on both sides of the aisle.

Music: Straight to the Point c 2022
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