Hamas Official Dies, Planes Collide In Tokyo, Harvard's President Resigns

29 weeks ago Hamas and Hezbollah officials say top Hamas official Saleh Arouri has been killed in an explosion. Arouri was one of the founders of Hamas' military wing, and he headed the group's presence in the West Bank.


A large passenger plane and a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft collided on the runway in Tokyo, bursting into flames. Officials say five people on the coast guard plane were killed. All 379 people on the Japan Airlines flight got out safely.


Harvard's student newspaper reports that its president Claudine Gay has resigned. It comes after she and other presidents of Ivy League schools were widely criticized for their congressional testimony about antisemitism on campus.


New York's minimum-wage workers have more than just the New Year to celebrate. A pay bump kicked in Monday. In the first of a series of annual increases slated for the Empire State, the minimum wage increased to $16 in N.Y.C. and some of its suburbs, up from $15.

In the rest of the state, the new minimum wage is $15, up from $14.20. New York is one of 22 states getting minimum wage increases in the new year. In California, the minimum wage increased to $16, up from $15.50.