Iran's Attack On Israel Adds To Airline Troubles In Middle East

6 weeks ago Researchers at OPSGROUP, which monitors airlines and airports, are calling it the biggest single disruption to the air travel industry since the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.

ran’s attack on Israel has ramped up tensions across the Middle East.

It’s also sparked chaos for the world’s airlines.

The attack by more than 300 drones and missiles prompted carriers to cancel or reroute many flights.

Big names affected include Qantas, United Airlines and Air India.

Over the weekend, Germany’s Lufthansa said it was suspending flights to many destinations in the region.

Now avoiding Iran is a major headache for airlines flying between Europe and parts of Asia.

They will have to reroute via Turkey or Egypt.

However, some restrictions imposed after the attacks have now been lifted.

Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon have all resumed allowing flights over their territories.

Major carriers in the region, including Emirates, have since said they will resume operations.

What isn’t known yet, is whether the unrest will hit demand for air travel.

It has so far remained robust, despite the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza.