Jenna Ellis Tonight, April 1, 2024

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1 week ago Marc Lotter - The Biden Administration proclaimed that Sunday, March 31st, 2024, would be the Transgender Day of Visibility. They chose this year’s Easter weekend to announce this, seemingly trying to offend every Christian in America.
Ray Alexander - It’s been a week since the collapse of the Key Bridge in Baltimore. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg seemed to focus on the bipartisanship of infrastructure saying “Some-not all-Republicans crossed the aisle to work with President Biden and the Democrats”, essentially blaming the right for their issues.
Tho Bishop - Sam Bankman Fried was Sentenced to 25 years in prison for fraud after stealing $8 billion from customers of FTX the now-bankrupt crypto exchange. FTX’s collapse was one of the biggest financial fraud cases in U.S. history. How can future investors in crypto protect themselves?
Josh Hammer - Members of the Denver government have been speaking to “Newcomers” or illegals explaining that there is no more opportunity for them in Colorado and it may be better for them to go to New York or Chicago. Has the leftist Denver government finally seen the error in their ways?