Jenna Ellis Tonight, April 2, 2024

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1 week ago Jenna Ellis- Speaker Mike Johnson promises to bring a Ukraine funding package to the floor to be voted on. After the massive spending bill was passed, what is the purpose of a Republican majority if the Democrats are going to steer the vote in their favor?
Michael Donnelly and Brett Tolman -
Trump posted his $175 million bond. Although it was reduced, this is still an unreasonable amount of money. Plus a federal Judge has rejected Hunter Bidens Attempts to have his tax charges dismissed.
Walker Wildmon - Well-known atheist Richard Hawkins considers himself a “cultural Christian” but not a believer. He seems to believe our society should have all the benefits of Christianity without living out the teachings of the bible.
Ron Coleman - Producer and Rapper Diddy had his homes raided and it took over the news cycle but do conservatives care? Do conservatives care about pop culture in general? If this doesn’t affect the political realm, does it matter?