Jenna Ellis Tonight, July 9, 2024

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1 week ago Legal Eagles (7:58, 15:53, 31:15) - Gerard Filitti and Ron Coleman fill out this week’s legal panel. They discuss the ongoing mental health issues of president Biden after a Parkinson’s expert spoke with NBC about his cognitive difficulties. The Republican abortion platform has taken quite a turn since its stance in 2016. Even though the states now have the right to make their own abortion laws, is it enough? Finally, the SAVE act will be voted on next week, requiring proof of citizenship to vote in America.
Brilyn Hollyhand (26:39) - “One Generation Away: Why Now Is The Time To Restore American Freedom” is a new book from 18 year old Editor in Chief of The Truth Gazette Brilyn Holland. A rising teenage conservative star offers his battle plan in his debut book for Gen Z to reclaim this country by returning to faith, family, and freedom.
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Matthew Tyrmand (42:10) - The 2024 French Election left many uncertain of its future as no party won outright. Powerful seats did go to leftists keeping the right from control, however, The National Rally party came in third, which increased the right seats in the National Assembly.