Jenna Ellis Tonight, June 10, 2024

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3 days ago Josh Hammer (5:48)- Over the weekend 4 Israeli hostages were rescued by the IDF. An article at the Associated Press asks what the release of 4 hostages and the killing of hundreds of Palestinians means for future truce talks between Israel and Palestine?
Dave Williams (17:56)- With June comes Pride month. The Colorado GOP called for Pride flags to be burned and described LGBTQ Americans as “Godless Groomers” in a fundraising email. State Republican Dave Williams signed off on this email and he joins us to discuss
Jenna Ellis (26:19)- Alvin Bragg refuses to testify before the House of the Donald Trump Trial until after the July 11 sentencing. In a letter he stated that participating in a public hearing could be “potentially terminal” to “protecting the fair administration of justice”.
John Cardillo (32:33)- The latest Quinnipiac Poll said less than one week after the former president's conviction, Donald Trump has a slight lead on Joe Biden in the battleground state of Georgia. Meanwhile the DNC launched its first billboard boasting Trump as a convict.
Robert Salvador (42:20)- “Miss AI” is a beauty pageant that will feature models created using artificial intelligence. This comes on the heels of some controversial winners in other pageants. What is the purpose of an AI beauty pageant?

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