Jenna Ellis Tonight, March 25, 2024

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2 weeks ago Mike Johnson vs MTG, Kate Middleton Cancer Diagnosis, Candice Owens Daily Wire Split

Ryan Fournier (3:00) - After the passing of the $1.2 trillion spending bill, Marjorie Taylor Greene files a motion to oust speaker Mike Johnson. is this the right move for the republican party?

Jenna Ellis - Candice Owen and The Daily Wire have parted ways. She was not “canceled” for her views. She was an employee of a company and her views no longer aligned with hers. This is not a case of free speech, this is an employee no longer fulfilling her duties of her employment.

James Lindsay (18:56, 28:02) - Jason Whitlock posted to X and essentially asked, what is wrong with the term “Christ is King”. The term itself is not the problem but other people’s interpretation of it. This is becoming a larger problem among conservatives and society as a whole

Megan Basham (38:07)- After months of speculation on the whereabouts of Kate Middleton, it was revealed by Kate, that she has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Many are asking now, why was this handled so poorly by her PR team.