Jenna Ellis Tonight, March 26, 2024

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2 weeks ago Auron Macintyre- Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed last night after a container ship struck one of the support columns. Pete Buttigieg seems to be less concerned about the victims and focused on the supposed racism of America’s infrastructure
Ron Coleman and Michael Donnelly - Donald Trump’s $454 million bond has been reduced to $175 million. Plus the DOJ is creating a new “Red Flag Center” targeting the Second Amendment.
Jenna Ellis - After the massive spending bill was passed, many are asking what it contains. After some review, millions of taxpayer dollars are going to abortion clinics and centers for children to transition without their parent’s knowledge. How did the republican party let this bill pass?
Olivia Krolczyk - A student at the University of Cincinnati failed the DEI required course after she used the words “biological female” in a report on feminism. the professor said it was “transphobic and contributed to heteronormatism. She joins to tell her story.