Timeless: Preventable Deaths

Julie discusses that preventable deaths are on the rise in the United States… drug overdoses, obesity, and gun violence. Topics include: flights are still delayed or canceled following the FAA system shutdown; the government is spending six trillion on frivolous things… Julie wants receipts; Joy Reid of MSNBC asks Rep. Byron Donalds if he was a diversity hire; who’s racist… the Left or the Right; Disney will soon require workers to be in-office four days a week; why is the number 13 haunted? 1834 French play - Les Finesses des Gribouilles; The true crime story of former LAPD Detective Stephanie Lazarus. Sheriffs’ Relief Foundation Class 464 Recruits - Mail checks to: Sheriffs’ Relief Association 11515 Colima Road, Building B Whittier, CA 90604 - or you can Venmo: @SRAfoundation1