Dennis and Julie: Science and Religion

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57 weeks ago Dennis and Julie continue the discussion of great people and delve into belief. Belief in science is not a replacement for religion, and belief in religion is not a rejection of science. This is the one-year anniversary episode of Dennis & Julie. Do you invite bad people into your life? Dennis’ four requirements a great person must be… courageous, pursue truth, have no need to be loved, and be an outlier. Julie’s three requirements a great person must be … principled, have a higher set of values, and be self-doubting yet self-assured. Topics include: should everyone aspire to be great… can everyone be great; macro vs micro greatness; the war in Ukraine; Micah 6:8 - to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God; we are made in the image of God; the word “should”; how did life come from non-life; how did we get here; Leftism and wisdom are antithetical.