Dennis and Julie: Truth Seekers

Dennis and Julie Weekends at 3PM ET
Most people believe what they want to believe… and do not believe what they do not want to believe. Julie recalls her visit to her eye doctor where she was honest about hiding the truth of her consumption. Dennis asks the question: what do you believe that you do not want to believe? The reason most people in the U.S. believe that people are basically good is because Americans have had it good… where people suffer, they do not believe people are basically good. Americans are spoiled, and lack religion… will America prevail, furthermore, is it arrogant to believe so? It is a luxury to think you do not need God in your life. Topics include: using the word “cohort”; masks; abortion; adoption; speaking properly matters; “I” versus “me”; heartrending versus heart-wrenching; bored vs boring; A Flag Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of National Symbols - Tim Marshall; language and travel; The Story of Language -Mario Pei.