Jenna Ellis Tonight, March 22, 2024

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3 weeks ago Jenna Ellis - The House passed a $1.2 billion spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. Many conservative Republicans voted against the bill but, it seems the Democrats were in control, with their side voting 186 for and 22 against, helping push the 2/3 vote needed to pass the bill.
Matt Rinaldi - Following Super Tuesday, 11 Seats shifted to the right in the Texas House, 8 more seats went to run-offs, and a few members retired. Many voters were frustrated with how things have been handled in Texas and believed it was time for change.
Walker Wildmon - The Biden administration wants the American taxpayer to fund the DEI agenda using federal tax dollars. Why aren’t more Republicans standing up in Congress to fight this reckless spending?
Auron MacIntyre - “The right was wrong about virtue signaling” is a recent article from The Blaze by Auron MacIntyre. Virtue signaling can be off-putting and many people on the left use it to prove they’re a part of the movement, however, this behavior is innate in all of us, and since it can’t be avoided, can it be a positive when used correctly?
Dr. Cal Beisner - A new book “Climate and Energy: The Case For Realism”, combats the left’s climate hysteria with truth. The Author Dr. Cal Beisner joins to discuss.