Jenna Ellis Tonight, March 27, 2024

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2 weeks ago Jim Nelles - After Monday’s tragic Key Bridge accident, let’s take a look at the how, the why, and the economic fallout.
Emily Davis - In the most important pro-life case since the Dobbs opinion, The Supreme Court heard the argument for the FDA to continue to regulate abortion pills as they currently are, allowing women to buy the pill over the counter without seeing a professional.
David Reaboi - Ronna McDaniel has been ousted from NBC less than a week after she was hired, due to backlash from viewers and fellow staff members such as Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow.
Josh Hammer - RFK Jr. made his choice for Vice President, Nicole Shanahan. She funded his Superbowl ad and has never held office. What was the thinking behind this decision? Plus, conservative Twitter has been on fire this week over the phrase “Christ is King”, as it’s being labeled anti-Semitic. Candace Owens recently used the term on Twitter and sparked controversy amidst her leaving The Daily Wire.